Pets & Christmas Trees

Now what do you do with them when it's Christmas time?! Oh, how many times I heard people saying they are not putting up a Christmas tree because of their cat or dog!

Also many sad stories about a loss of a favorite old ornament... In this post I am going to share some recommendations from collectors, authors and decorators on how to keep your ornaments or at least their memory safe.

So if you have lively pets at home and don't want to compromise on a Christmas decor go for at least one of the following ideas.

1. Hang large glass ornaments on a lamp preferably above the festive table. Fix them with a small piece of wire so they don't touch each other if the lamp moves.

2. If you have hooks on the ceiling, you can install a thin tree branch with some lightweight ornaments hanging on it. Unless you want to have it all "rustic" style you can paint the branch either in white or any bright colour depending on your room style.

3. Look at your space creatively and think, where else can you display your favourite ornaments. Can it be somewhere on a window or a fireplace or in a glass jar or affixed to frame, box or shelf? You can then have a tree up with less valuable decorations on.

4. If you really want some rather delicate ornaments to be on a Christmas tree, then make sure the tree itself is very stable and fix the decoration with additional piece of wire around the tree branch.

5. If you have a large dog and a freestanding tree is not an option for your home, you can have a 2-dimensional tree. These normally stand near a wall or a wall becomes base for the ornaments display. Decorations can be hung on small nails and secured with wire.

6. And finally most important tip is about keeping a memory of ornaments as part of your past Christmas celebrations. If you photograph your decorations, you will at least have a memory in case they're gone. This is a recommendation a lot of collectors give as this is how many of them started collecting: in an attempt to find a particular ornament from their childhood.

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