Birds as Symbols

Ever wondered why there are birds ornaments in people households?

And also why would it be so neccessary to put them on a Christmas tree?

It is a well known fact that dove symbolises peace. Its biblical role is hard to ignore. As all Christmas decorations had a particular religious meaning birds symbolised the will of the God. As God's messengers they (as well as angels ornaments) were meant to be placed at the top of a festive tree. Because they fly closest to the Heaven. Now you know why there are birds Christmas ornaments. A month before Valentine's Day I'd like to announce Birds Ornaments Sale. Both papier-mache and spun cotton birds in my collection are £15 each. Each bird is handmade and one of a kind. Please email me to enquire, it is very easy to place an order and we post worldwide. Let these birds ornaments symbolise peace and friendship for the Valentine's Day celebration.

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