How It Was A Hundred Years Ago

Christmas Tree Hundred Years Ago

Last Saturday my guests have experienced a Christmas party like it was one hundred years ago. They saw a magnificent real Christmas tree decorated with those days original ornaments and candle holder clips as well as imitating old designs handmade spun cotton decorations.

The participants learned that most of the families were making their own decorations and we made golden paper chains and cones ornaments. We played fun games of those days and got to know our traditions much better.

Finally, like it was very in common in the end of 18th - beginning of 19th centuries, everyone got a chance to pick an ornament from the festive tree and take it home as a git from the hosts.

One important message of this lovely evening was that the difference between those days and today's decorations is that they were more symbols rather than objects. Also they were created without thinking of selling and making money. And I keep this tradition as well as the techniques of papier-mache and spun cotton.

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