Who's Santa - antique ornaments reveal

In my lectures and talks I mention the subject of a Father Christmas. Who is behind his image? Saint Nicolas you've heard. But we know he also had a prototype back in Northen Europe Pagan cultures.

In October I am taking a day course on identifying mushrooms lead by Dr Patrick Harding who is also specialising on Christmas history. In this video he talks about the colourmatch of Santa's outfit and Amanita muscaria mushroom and the link between Pagan shamans and Flying Santa sleigh!

I cannot wait to meet him and show the old ornaments that proof his theory. We can't be sure about everything related to these old cultures because at that time people passed information verbally rather than in a writing form. However the images encrypted in art products are always very strong. I come across many vintage mushrooms when searching old ornaments online and nearly 1/3 of the antique mushrooms decorations have this face with beard hidden under a mushroom cap. This face even escaped the attention the strict Soviet Censorship. Feels very much like spotting Green Men/foliate heads in churches interiors!

If you'd like me to find you one of these vintage mushroom ornaments, please contact me via website. I use collectors sources and Ebay can't compete with neither the variety of these old decorations nor the prices.

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