Chistmas Ornaments Fair

You can book a lecture "Christmas Ornaments: History & Traditions" with some rare ornaments demonstration at your venue. Contact us with the number of participants and location to get a quote.

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Christmas Tree Decorations: History & Traditions.



Why do we decorate a tree at Christmas? When and where did the tradition start and what were the first Christmas decorations made of? Learn about the fascinating journey of tree decorations throughout our history.

Margarita Vul is a painter and mixed media artist based in Windsor, Berkshire. Having graduated in International Affairs and Diplomacy and lived in many countries, Margarita has found that Christmas decorations link religions, politics, fashion and art.

Using her collection of vintage ornaments, Margarita will reveal her passion for the fascinating myths, history and tradition of decorating Christmas trees. For example did you know that Christmas trees have nothing to do with Jesus Christ, that the look of Christmas ornaments has been largely affected by the industrialisation?

The artist will show her collection of tree ornaments, some of which are more than a hundred years old. After this presentation you will be left to draw your own conclusions with a deep appreciation of the Christmas ornaments journey.

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